Michigan Log Cabin Republicans Comment on Committeewoman’s Replacement

Michigan Log Cabin Republicans Comment on

Committeewoman’s Replacement

BARODA, MICH., FEBRUARY 10, 2014— As the members of the Michigan Republican State

Central Committee meet this weekend in Lansing to elect a new Republican National

Committeewoman, we hope that they will focus on the themes and issues that unite us as a party

and the principles that have stood the test of time for the Republican party.

As we work to move our state forward we cannot be distracted by a narrow and divisive debate on

social issues. We are strongest when we move forward together, promoting equality for all citizens

in the State of Michigan. We should support leaders who pledge to devote their time, talent

and resources to promoting the conservative principles of limited government, lower taxes and

individual liberty.

The Log Cabin Republicans formed in 1977 specifically to support Ronald Reagan in his

opposition to a ballot measure in California that would have barred openly gay individuals from

being teachers in public schools. The Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) of Michigan will continue to

be a voice for fairness and equality in our state and remain dedicated to promoting ideas and

policies that strengthen the Republican party as the party of liberty and opportunity for all.


MILCR Has a New Executive Board

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National/Michigan Log Cabin Republicans Challenge Agema to Debate

Log Cabin Republicans Challenges Dave Agema to Debate

Washington, D.C. — Following historic calls for his resignation by GOP leaders including RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak, Congressman Justin Amash and others in the wake of anti-gay statements going far beyond disapproval of civil marriage equality for same-sex couples, Michigan RNC Committeeman Dave Agema refused to step down from his post. In response, Log Cabin Republicans National joined Log Cabin Republicans of Michigan to issue the following offer:

“Dave Agema just doesn’t get it, so I’m personally challenging him to a debate,” Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo declared. “Despite calls from Party leadership to focus on victory in November, Dave Agema seems hell-bent on pursuing the politics of division that will kill the GOP’s chances of winning in the November mid-terms. Agema stands on a soapbox of conservative Christianity, but as a conservative Christian myself I find his views out-of-touch and unrepresentative of the views of conservative Christians I know who believe in the ‘Greatest Commandment’ of Jesus Christ to ‘love thy neighbor.’ Someone needs to stand up to this bigotry. On behalf of the overwhelming groundswell of GOP leaders who have concluded that Agema does not represent the Michigan GOP nor the Republican National Committee, I’m offering Mr. Agema the opportunity to defend his brand of ‘conservatism’ in a debate with Log Cabin Republicans. Let’s get together — Republican to Republican — and have this out once and for all.”

Log Cabin Republicans is the nation’s largest Republican organization representing gay and lesbian conservatives and allies. The more than 30-year old organization has state and local chapters nationwide, a full-time office in Washington, DC, a federal political action committee and state political action committees. Log Cabin Republicans of Michigan is the largest group of gay conservatives and allies in the state.

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Grand Rapids Gay Republican Army Vet Speak Up Against Agema


Local Gay Republican War Vet, Blogger Speaks Out Against Agema



Daniel Dobson during tour of duty in Iraq


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — As the debate rages on about the views of the Republican party, one Iraqi war veteran has been waging a battle of words on the Internet.

“West Michigan has historically been a very progressive area as far as the right is concerned,” said Daniel Dobson, a war veteran and political blogger.

Dobson did two tours in Iraq and was in the National Guard for six years, then in the reserves for three.

“I was in transportation units in both tours and, you know, it had its moments. It got intense here and there,” he said.

Dobson is also an openly gay Republican and has been writing on the Agema controversy on his social and political blog,  “Area Writer Takes On The Universe.”

“With Dave Agema, he doesn’t represent even a slim minority of what people actually think,” said Dobson. “He represents a fringe, an extremist element in the party. I think it’s good for the party to ask him to leave.”

Dobson’s passions have been stirred by Agema’s anti-gay and Muslim comments over the past few months.


That includes these comments at a Michigan CPAC speech.

dave agema

Dave Agema

“I have a dream we get a president that doesn’t glorify gay NFL players,” said Agema.

The comments continued on Facebook where he posted a number of statements over the past few months.

“Well, it seems I’m in good company, the LGBT community is now going after Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty,” Agema said.

He also posted a link to an anti-gay article in the past which said in-part, “part of the homosexual agenda is to get the public to affirm their filthy lifestyle, as one homosexual admitted….”

There was also a post online that seemed to support the anti-gay policies in Russia that are being discussed in advance of the Olympics.

The post that was attributed to Agema said, “Read their law. Common sense in Russia!”

Agema has also spoken out about terrorism and the Muslim heritage, saying in a previous speech, “My goal is to stop terrorism.  I really don’t like it.  Quite frankly, I shouldn’t say this, but it’s actually true.  Not every Muslim is a terrorist but most terrorists are Muslim.”

“The big tent, the point is not to limit the message of the GOP but to expand it,” said Dobson.

Associate Political Science Professor at GVSU Don Zinman says with heavy weights in the Republican Party like Betsy DeVos now weighing in, more people are starting to take more notice.

“Betsy DeVos is a former party chairwoman. She wants to win elections,” said Zinman.

DeVos has recently called on Agema to resign his post as one of only two committeemen within the RNC that represent Michigan.

Republican Justin Amash also weighed in Tuesday, echoing that sentiment.

The DeVos family also has deep pockets and the speculation is that there could be financial implications.

It’s no secret that the family has contributed to political causes in the past.

In the January/February issue of Mother Jones Magazine, journalist Andy Kroll points out in his article that contributions were made to a number of groups writing, “Since 1970, DeVos family members have invested at least $200 million in a host of right-wing causes, think tanks, media outlets, political committees, evangelical outfits, and a string of advocacy groups.”

“Nowhere has the family made its presence felt as it has in Michigan, where it has given more than $44 million to the state party, GOP legislative committees, and Republican candidates since 1997,” Kroll also writes.

Whether there is financial action taken because of this debate remains to be seen.

Agema hasn’t commented on the criticism except for a Facebook post that read:

“Just got back from an 8 day out of the country vacation scheduled this past summer… While I was gone it seems the same people are feeding half truths to the news within the GOP, stirring up divisiveness… I stand on the same issues I always have, God Family and country.  There are times I have posted or linked an article to encourage discourse.  This does not constitute endorsement of that position.”

He has also had supporters posting comments on his page, urging him not to resign as on of Michigan’s elected committee members of the RNC.

“Dave Agema is considered a leader in the RNC conservative caucus where there used to only be a handful of members in this caucus, They are now over 100,” writes David Wells.

Tyler Wagenmaker adds, “I hope you do not give in to some of the calls out there (e.g.  – Betsy DeVos) to resign your position.”

However, Dobson says extreme right leaders like Agema need to take a closer look at what big government means as the debate continues.

“The idea that we could or should use the government to implement a social morality that isn’t shared by the entire country is far out of line with Republican ideas. I think any government that is interested in what I do in the bedroom is too big,” said Dobson.

Dobson’s blog can be found at danieldobson.blogspot.com.

Read more: http://fox17online.com/2014/01/21/local-gay-republican-war-vet-blogger-speaks-out-against-agema/#ixzz2r5zOvP1O

Former MIGOP Chair, Saul Anuzis Strongly Rebukes Agema

What do we expect from our National Committeeman and National Committeewoman? 

A leader who can rally and unite Republicans, a leader who can generate resources, a leader who can mobilize volunteers to our cause, and a leader who can deliver a compelling message that draws people to our party—a principled message that helps us build a majority. 

Agema’s words divide, they don’t inspire. His words offend and are judgmental. His tone is conspiratorial and reproachful. Many Republican officials are capable of providing uplifting and purposeful ideas supporting traditional morality, a culture of life, and American Exceptionalism. 

Agema cannot. Agema is a distraction. Agema is an embarrassment.

Agema should resign.

Agema has a right to his political opinions. He has a right to say them as indelicately as he wishes. Agema does not have the right to use his position as RNC National Committeeman as a soapbox. His lack of prudence, poor judgment, and mean-spiritedness brush the rest of the GOP.

Ronald Reagan’s visionary speeches educated and moved people to aspire to higher ideals. Jack Kemp’s sunny optimism and intellectual rigor inspired us to carry our message to all Americans. Governors Rick Snyder & John Engler delivered results, and deliver plain-spoken, realistic solutions in a calm tone. These are the ways to communicate our Party’s message. 

This controversy has NOTHING to do with conservative values, our Republican platform or that nefarious “establishment”. Ideas and word have consequences. It’s not just what you say but how you say it. Yes, tone matters.

My objections are not about Agema’s position of traditional marriage, the spread of Sharia Law, etc…(although you’ll never hear me say a kind word about Putin). This is not about Agema being too conservative or just right on the philosophical spectrum to reflect today’s GOP. I object to Agema’s tone and his lack of understanding of what his RNC position should entail. 

Efforts to divert or distract from Agema’s statements and blame others is childish and little more than a cheap political attempt to refuse to accept personal responsibility for his actions and words. 

Agema’s words, postings and statements are what they are, in context and part of the public record. They do NOT help us build our party, the conservative movement or win elections.

Agema should do the honorable thing and resign.

MILCR Calls on Gary Glenn to Disavow Agema Remarks

For Immediate Release

Michigan Log Cabin Republicans Call On Gary Glenn to Disavow Agema Remarks

Bay City, MI January 21, 2014:  Today the Michigan Log Cabin Republicans are calling on Gary Glenn, Candidate for the 98th State House seat being vacated by Rep. Jim Stamas to disavow the anti-Islamic and homophobic remarks of close friend and supporter and Michigan RNC Committeeman Dave Agema.

In a speech to the Berrien County GOP last month, Agema stated that gays support the Affordable Healthcare Act because they are dying by the age of 45 of AIDS. Last week Agema posted on his Facebook that Islamic Americans have made no positive contribution to our society. His other pearls of wisdom include comparing the President to Adolf Hitler.

Gary Glenn, who has been known to also make incendiary remarks about gays accepted Dave Agema’s endorsement very early in the primary despite it being a very competitive primary.

“If Gary Glenn was not running for the State House he would be all over this issue. Wherever homophobia rears its ugly head he is there to defend it. Voters want to know if Glenn is elected, will he support this kind of vitriolic bigotry”, said Joe Sylvester Chairman of the Michigan Log Cabin Republicans.

We call on Gary Glenn to join RNC Chairman Reince Preibus, Michigan Republican Chairman, Bobby Schostack, Congressman Justin Amash, Congressman Fred Upton, Governor Rick Snyder, Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, Senate Majority Randy Richardville and Former Michigan Republican Chair, Betsy DeVos and a host of others in denouncing Dave Agemas remarks.

The Michigan Log Cabin Republicans is the largest organization of gay and lesbian conservatives in the state.




Joe Sylvester, Chairman of Michigan LCR Interview on The Patrick Shiels Show


Dave Agema Implies He Was Setup

This evening on Facebook, Dave Agema implied that he was setup and that people with money are out to get him. So it isn’t a liberal conspiracy anymore? It is Republican’s with money trying to harm him? The same ones that got him elected to the State House and National Committeeman? He tells so many stories, it is hard to keep them straight. The audio recordings have surfaced. Stop lying about gays and stop lying about your words!


George Weeks: Snyder rebukes GOP national committeeman

BY GEORGE WEEKSSyndicated columnist

Gov. Rick Snyder has wisely denounced Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema’s “wrong, extreme and discriminatory” comments about gays.

Traditonally, Michigan governors, regardless of party, have essentially been on the same page with their state’s national committeemen and women — those who represent the state in the Republican or Democratic National Committees.

But good for Snyder for rebuking Agema, a former state representative from Grandville who has strong support from tea party elements.

As noted by columnist and radio commentator Jack Lessenberry,

Agema “seems morbidly obsessed with gay people. He loathes them, and seems creepily fascinated by his mythical version of their lives.” MORE