Response to AFA MI President

Gary Glenn, President of the Michigan Chapter of the American Family Association, has recently made comments on the Michigan Conservative Dossier blog using arguments against homosexuality such as gays live shorter lives and that they are more prone to domestic violence. (Not that it makes a difference when were debating equal rights)

Here is the response to the life expectancy argument

Here is the response to the domestic violence argument
Mr. Glenn also gave me a list of so called  “Ex-Gays” to contact and none of them responded. I did do a little research into the ex gay movement and found some interesting things. All of the people he cited had two things in common:

1. They all converted to Christianity and with that they are trying to follow what they perceive to be the teachings of Christianity. They change to heterosexual (or so they think) to be a good Christian, not because of some change in biology.

2. All are on the payrolls of the various ex gay organizations.

Even more interesting to me are those that switched back to homosexuality. The Co Founders of the largest ex gay organization in the country, Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper left the organization and had a commitment ceremony.

Michael Johnston, a former homosexual with HIV did an ex gay film called Its Not Gay promoted by Mr Glenns organization the AFA. He did tv commercials explaning how Jesus empowered him to abandon homosexuality. Johnston later confessed that he did not abandon his homosexuality and had resumed having sex with men.

the American Psychiatric Association stated in 2000 that “there are no scientifically rigorous outcome studies to determine either the actual efficacy or harm of reparative treatments.”[7] In the United States, the American Psychiatric Association issued a statement in 2006, backed by numerous other mainstream medical organizations, which stated: “There is simply no sufficiently scientifically sound evidence that sexual orientation can be changed.”[9] The statement went on to say that positions espoused by ex-gay organizations “are not supported by the science.” Clinical psychologist Douglas Haldeman has identified conversion therapy as a pseudoscience.[10]


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