GOProud sponsorship of CPAC is being challenged

On January 2, Gary Glenn the President of the AFA-MI sent out an email in which he is quoted on the GOProud sponsorship of CPAC:

“Gary Glenn, president of the faith-based American Family Association of Michigan, said (homosexual activist group) GOProud’s inclusion is a mockery. ‘It does damage when CPAC gives its seal of approval to a group promoting a hard-left agenda,’ Glenn said.”

The gay obsessed maniac, Glenn who sits around all day googling different variations of politicians names with the word “gay” to see if he can stir any controversy is quoted as saying.

Some of you may say that this is conjecture, but it isn’t. I have witnessed it along with many others. While I was working for the Stop Over Spending Ballot Initiative, Mr Glenn essentially managed the campaign office in Midland. Although not officially of course because he was working as the Chair of AFA-MI at the time and they only focus on “Family Issues”.

While we were making phone calls, Mr Glenn would obsessively scour the internet all day looking for anything gay related.

It strikes me as odd that AFA-MI focus’ very little on abortion which intimately effects families as opposed to obsessing about homosexuals which have nothing to do with it.

In some of my private correspondence with Mr Glenn who cares so much about the gay issue he could not cite one single person that he helped bring back to Christ by virtue of them converting back to heterosexuality.

Coming from a Christian stand point, it seems rather bizarre to me that a mans life that is centered around homosexuality would spend at least some time trying to do what they think is helping someone and not just condemning them.

When Mr. Glenn simply looks at a gay organization and considers it left wing because of the memberships genetic disposition he insults a great many people who otherwise may agree with him on most other issues.

This is simply an act of cowardice. As we know by now is the essence of Mr. Glenn. In fact, mid last year I tried to organize a debate between him and Wayne State Professor John Corvino. We offered him the option to choose the venue and time and he promptly declined.

Mr Glenn, stop playing games and come square off with us!


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  1. Not that CPAC listens to Gary Glenn. Haven’t they pretty much dismissed him as a wingnut?

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