Rep. Paul Scott gay baiting again


By Joe Sylvester

In an email sent to Paul Scott supporters for his Secretary of State bid on January 15th there is a line in it in which he does some gay baiting. Listed among 4 priority issues is the following: “I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver’s license in any circumstance.”

This is not surprising that a state legislator with very little experience and even less legislative achievements would champion an issue that has so little, to no practical value. Mr. Scott is trying appeal to social conservative wing of the party who are backing his campaign.

I have news for the Republicans. The loudest social conservatives are not the only conservatives in this party. These past few years when the Michigan economy has been tanking Scott and his gay-obsessed ilk cannot help but obsess about gay issues.

In fact, in his announcement for the office of Secretary of State, Scott touted the support of Former Bush 2004 Michigan Social Conservative Outreach Chair, Bill Voorheis, who hunts people down at conventions and other GOP functions to confront them about their supposed homosexuality.

While the Michigan economy has been tanking, Scott has been very busy working to make sure people don’t lose their homes and jobs with his landmark legislation to allow pro-life license plates and banning smoking in privately owned Michigan establishments.

When considering who to vote for I think that experience is important. After finishing up his first year in the State House with little to no meaningful accomplishments, I would say Scott is the wrong choice. We are in tough times and he wants to fixate on gays.


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  1. Scottie is still still working out his issues from when he asked out a trans woman during his time in Cambridge. He really lost it when she shot him down for another guy at Jacques.

  2. translegalhistorian

    “he wants to fixate on gays.”



    He’s fixating on transsexuals.

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