More on Paul Scott

Over the past week I have gotten a couple of emails regarding my comments on Paul Scott and identification cards for trans-gendered people. I wanted to be clear that the Log Cabin Republicans of Michigan, unlike the Triangle Foundation  are not making a statement at all with regards to trans-gendered issues.

The point that we are trying to illustrate is that Rep. Scott is trying to interject social conservative red meat into an office that has nothing to do with it. There really is no practical way to be anti-gay as Secretary of State so he’s found a way to appeal to his Genesee County, gay-obsessed early supporters.

One such email I received was from Jeremy Clontz, a Paul Scott supporter (naturally) who cited the Log Cabin Republicans and “Cross dressing activist groups”, as being upset with Scott’s position. I had a good laugh at that last one, I must say. There is no cross dressing activist group and those kinds of idiotic statements trivialize the whole issue. Apparently Mr. Clontz is as new to the political process as Scott?

Scott’s explanation for bringing up the trans-gendered issue is that a person may have to use the same bathroom as a trans-gendered person. Much like Jim Crow laws which had his ancestors using inferior bathrooms and drinking fountains because a white person should not have to share a bathroom with a black person, right?

If Scott want’s to further legislate who can use which bathrooms, then he should do it in his role as a LEGISLATOR! Doesn’t this seem odd to people that he’s not pushing the issue in it’s proper place, but instead saves it for his Secretary of State race where it has no place?


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