The Bachmann Family dun dun da dun *snap* *snap*

The more I read and hear about the Bachmann family the stranger they appear to be. When Congresswoman Michele Bachmann first announced that she was running for President some quotes had come out with her comparing gays to Satan.

A few weeks later the headlines were that Mr. Marcus Bachmann (famous for his ‘gays are barbarians’ bit) is running a clinic (partially on taxpayers dollars) that helps people with “reparative therapy”, or ‘pray the gay away’. At first Bachmann denied this but later on admitted to it a midst a flurry of people coming out  and telling of their experiences at his clinic.  Comedian John Stewart surmises that Mr. Bachmann “Seemingly want’s them to pray the gay away so that he can hoard it for himself“.

Another doozie came out today… Michele has been a member of a church for ten years that still compares the Papacy to the anti Christ. Her churches warring with other Christian faith explains why she is so willing to fight battles of the past over and over again.

I think it’s safe to say that the only people Michele Bachmann likes are Pentecostal snake handlers, idiot’s like Gary Glenn and fascistic Church of the Nazarene types like Bill & Michelle Voorheis who make it their business to be in your business.

Op-Ed by Joe Sylvester


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