Log Cabin Republicans call on Gary Glenn to Exit Senate Race


July 31, 2011

Log Cabin Republicans Urge Gary Glenn to Drop US Senate Bid
Bay City, MI — The Michigan Log Cabin Republicans are calling on Gary Glenn, a Republican candidate for the United States Senate to get out of the race as he continues his gay-baiting. Glenn made the news again this evening with a story in The Grand Rapids Press where his organization, The American Family Association of MI ran an ad against Holland City Council Members using the word “homosexual” and “cross dressing” six different times similar to one he ran two years ago in which homosexual was mentioned ten times.

“We need a serious candidate to defeat Debbie Stabenow next year and a gay-obsessed crackerjack like Gary Glenn is not the answer”. “Furthermore I don’t think amongst the grassroots that a career politician, a lobbyist and a political agitator qualifies someone for the United States Senate”, said Joe Sylvester, Chairman of the Michigan Log Cabin Republicans.

The Michigan Log Cabin Republicans are the largest organization of gay and lesbian Republicans in the state.


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  1. I find it interesting that when anyone has a different opinion, you resort to name-calling such as “a gay-obsessed crackerjack”. Sounds both racist and childish. Stick to your opinions and leave the name-calling out of it and you’ll earn more credence.

  2. I think that a fascist and someone who debates the humanity of gays and lesbians by citing disease statistics is a crackerjack. It’s just the way it is.

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