Dave Agema Must Go!

The following press release was sent out today to the media in response to RNC Committeman Dave Agema’s asinine comments:



Michigan Log Cabin Republicans call on Michigan Republican Party to amend bylaws to remove RNC Committeeman Dave Agema.

Bay City, Michigan – December 12, 2013 – The Michigan Log Cabin Republicans is calling for the removal of Michigan RNC Committeeman, Dave Agema for his unwarranted anti-gay rhetoric.

In a recent speech, Agema used antiquated science from the early 1990’s to justify his support for what he calls “traditional marriage”, by implying gay men live drastically shorter lives and are more prone to criminal activity.

Mr. Agema was recently discovered to be fabricating a story in which he said when he worked for American Airlines that the city of San Francisco forced the airlines to offer domestic partner benefits. The airline sued the city and won, but later relented and decided to offer the benefits on their own accord.

While there is no mechanism to remove a rogue National Committee member in Michigan, the Michigan Republican Party must amend its bylaws to allow for the removal of members which are drastically reducing Republican prospects of winning elections.

“The Michigan Republican Party is acting as is if it is helpless in this situation by saying that there is nothing that they can do about it. It’s just a ploy. They are deflecting and hoping the issue goes away. They can do something about it and they should”, said Joe Sylvester, Chairman of the Michigan Log Cabin Republicans.

The Michigan Log Cabin Republicans is the largest organization of gay and lesbian conservatives and libertarians in the state.


Joe Sylvester



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