Email to Michigan Republican Party State Committee

migop-logoState Committee Members:

Some of you seem to forget that there are many Log Cabin Republicans in Michigan that agree with the party on nearly everything save one issue that is close to them.

Why is it that Dave Agema see’s the need to randomly skewer people in the most distasteful way imaginable using junk science from the early 90’s and fabricating stories about his time with American Airlines?

Why is Bill Schuette’s guy, Matt Hall working to stop any action on State Committee that could tell Dave Agema that he is going too far? Does Mr. Schuette endorse Agema’s lies and insults?
Isn’t  it enough to vote against something rather than spitting in someone’s face and then voting against them?
Does the MRP really want someone out there with a party title that graduated from the “Gary Glenn Institution of Junk Science and Hyperbole”, harming Terri Land’s chance of picking up a seat that has been held by a leftist decades before I was even born?
I am not asking anyone to support gay marriage or trying to change anyone’s mind. I believe that it is only a matter of time before it is the law of the land. What I am asking is that you speak up and let Mr. Agema know that he is alienating people and lying about them in the worst way.
Joe Sylvester
Michigan Log Cabin Republicans

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