MILCR Calls on Gary Glenn to Disavow Agema Remarks

For Immediate Release

Michigan Log Cabin Republicans Call On Gary Glenn to Disavow Agema Remarks

Bay City, MI January 21, 2014:  Today the Michigan Log Cabin Republicans are calling on Gary Glenn, Candidate for the 98th State House seat being vacated by Rep. Jim Stamas to disavow the anti-Islamic and homophobic remarks of close friend and supporter and Michigan RNC Committeeman Dave Agema.

In a speech to the Berrien County GOP last month, Agema stated that gays support the Affordable Healthcare Act because they are dying by the age of 45 of AIDS. Last week Agema posted on his Facebook that Islamic Americans have made no positive contribution to our society. His other pearls of wisdom include comparing the President to Adolf Hitler.

Gary Glenn, who has been known to also make incendiary remarks about gays accepted Dave Agema’s endorsement very early in the primary despite it being a very competitive primary.

“If Gary Glenn was not running for the State House he would be all over this issue. Wherever homophobia rears its ugly head he is there to defend it. Voters want to know if Glenn is elected, will he support this kind of vitriolic bigotry”, said Joe Sylvester Chairman of the Michigan Log Cabin Republicans.

We call on Gary Glenn to join RNC Chairman Reince Preibus, Michigan Republican Chairman, Bobby Schostack, Congressman Justin Amash, Congressman Fred Upton, Governor Rick Snyder, Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, Senate Majority Randy Richardville and Former Michigan Republican Chair, Betsy DeVos and a host of others in denouncing Dave Agemas remarks.

The Michigan Log Cabin Republicans is the largest organization of gay and lesbian conservatives in the state.





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