Former MIGOP Chair, Saul Anuzis Strongly Rebukes Agema

What do we expect from our National Committeeman and National Committeewoman? 

A leader who can rally and unite Republicans, a leader who can generate resources, a leader who can mobilize volunteers to our cause, and a leader who can deliver a compelling message that draws people to our party—a principled message that helps us build a majority. 

Agema’s words divide, they don’t inspire. His words offend and are judgmental. His tone is conspiratorial and reproachful. Many Republican officials are capable of providing uplifting and purposeful ideas supporting traditional morality, a culture of life, and American Exceptionalism. 

Agema cannot. Agema is a distraction. Agema is an embarrassment.

Agema should resign.

Agema has a right to his political opinions. He has a right to say them as indelicately as he wishes. Agema does not have the right to use his position as RNC National Committeeman as a soapbox. His lack of prudence, poor judgment, and mean-spiritedness brush the rest of the GOP.

Ronald Reagan’s visionary speeches educated and moved people to aspire to higher ideals. Jack Kemp’s sunny optimism and intellectual rigor inspired us to carry our message to all Americans. Governors Rick Snyder & John Engler delivered results, and deliver plain-spoken, realistic solutions in a calm tone. These are the ways to communicate our Party’s message. 

This controversy has NOTHING to do with conservative values, our Republican platform or that nefarious “establishment”. Ideas and word have consequences. It’s not just what you say but how you say it. Yes, tone matters.

My objections are not about Agema’s position of traditional marriage, the spread of Sharia Law, etc…(although you’ll never hear me say a kind word about Putin). This is not about Agema being too conservative or just right on the philosophical spectrum to reflect today’s GOP. I object to Agema’s tone and his lack of understanding of what his RNC position should entail. 

Efforts to divert or distract from Agema’s statements and blame others is childish and little more than a cheap political attempt to refuse to accept personal responsibility for his actions and words. 

Agema’s words, postings and statements are what they are, in context and part of the public record. They do NOT help us build our party, the conservative movement or win elections.

Agema should do the honorable thing and resign.


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